Hello, I’m R. L. Frost Simula

… but you can just call me Frost.

My early fascination with all forms of design has led to a winding career path. For instance, I have worked as a mechanical engineer, a graphic artist, a theater and film technician, and even a miniature effects model builder. After 18 years in software, I thought I had found my place as a developer. However, I grew tired of being handed incomplete project requirements and poorly-designed experiences. Armed with sensible design thinking, I began working in UX, CX, and product design. In addition, my wealth of technical know-how bridges the gap between business goals, technology constraints, and user needs. Today, I lead design teams, mentor junior designers, and direct high-level product strategies for end-users and enterprises alike.

When I’m not at a whiteboard you can find me serving on city commissions and nonprofit boards, volunteering with community organizations, studying futurism, and exploring the great outdoors.