I can not show you 99% of my work.

Nearly all of my projects are under Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Majority of projects can not be shown in a portfolio.
Active NDAs protect more than 2 decades of work on products, services, web applications, mobile apps, device firmware, desktop software, enterprise systems, and other design and development projects.

Much of my work is not formatted visually.

Voice of the Customer research
Product Strategy
DesignOps management
Team development
Design mentoring

Projects I manage often include work by other designers.

Industrial designers
User Interface designers
Graphic artists

Here is what I CAN show you.

These case studies showcase some of my past work.

Improve Metrics Opt-In
Design System Creation
Comparison of the bottom property sheet, showing vertical tabs along the left side versus horizontal tabs across the top.
Creating More Screen Real Estate in a Crowded UI
Annotated screenshot showing formatting tools in several different places around the UI.
Logically Organizing Controls
Illustration of Ideal Text Rows Behavior, similar to a word processor.
Text Editor Behavior Redesign
Stakeholder workshop whiteboard, saved from Miro.
Research of a Misunderstood Feature
Label design editor where a user has populated a text field with the words Hello World! as test data.
Document Editor Redesign
Seven electricians in a focus group sit around a conference room table.
New Product Discovery Research
Both fixed-length labels and variable-length labels are shown with the example text "The quick brown fox jumped over". Solid lines indicate the fixed edges of the label supply tape. Dashed lines indicate the cut ends of the label supply tape. Gray margins indicate the liner or otherwise unprintable areas of the label supply tape. A shaped edge indicates the continuous end of the label supply tape.
Affordance Design
A label editor concept, showing a label with the word TEXT repeated twice. A Delete icon is shown at the top of the screen. The bottom property sheet has tabs for Text, Paragraph, and Object that contain a number of formatting controls, such as bold, italic, underline, font, and so on.
Label Editor App Design
A colored industrial design sketch of a concept portable label printer.
Portable Printer Design
First step in a connection wizard screen for concept portable printer, showing options for Bluetooth, WiFi, and some directions instructing the user to their the printer on and enable Bluetooth by navigating to Settings, Connection, Bluetooth, On.
Device Connection Wizard
Political campaign branding concepts for Amáda Márquez Simula, using a variety of typefaces.
Brand Development
Political campaign newsletter for Amáda Márquez Simula created using Mail Chimp.
UX Writing
Political campaign website screenshot of voteamada.com
Fundraising Website

Need more context?

These epics are deep dives that go beyond the above case studies.

Desktop software design ops
Printer and mobile app new product development
Political campaign content strategy

Design teams need pragmatic leadership.

Mitigating risk, adapting to constraints, and ethical design thinking all come with decades of experience. Contact me to learn more about my background in UX design and development.